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Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Spinster Sisters Co. is committed to using ecologically sound ingredients, procedures and packaging to craft our all-natural skincare at the Microsoapery in Golden, Colorado. We are proud to use Windsource® through Xcel Energy to ensure that our production facility and retail stores are 100% wind-powered.

The same care is extended to ingredient sourcing. Do you worry about the loss of orangutan habitat due to palm oil production? Palm oil is the #1 most-used oil in the world, and is an indispensable part of our Bath Soap mixture to make a hard, long-lasting bar. Our palm oil is sustainable, Rainforest Alliance Certified, approved by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, and comes from Colombia — where there are no orangutans (we promise).

We're also picky about our packaging. To reduce plastic use, we use uncoated paper boxes, 1-3 year biodegradable corn shrink wrap, metal tins, and glass bottles. Almost all of our plastic packaging consists of post-consumer recycled material or 100% recyclable #1 PET. We seek U.S. made bottles, tubes and boxes and print our packaging close to home.

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