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Shower with Sisters!

I Heart Colorado Sampler

I Heart Colorado Sampler

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We love Colorado, you love Colorado, who doesn't love Colorado?! Our I <3 Colorado Sampler is full of all things that remind us of our great state.

The 38th & Finest State Spinster Sisters Co. is proud to call Colorado home, and we can make a pretty good case that Colorado is the finest little rectangle in all these fifty states. We've got Rocky Mountain peaks, and a brewery on almost every street; festivals, fine comestibles, and miles of trails, from Estes Park to Bridal Veil. Made right here in Colorado, our skincare sampler of outdoorsy essentials is full of useful items. We use natural ingredients like rosemary, calendula, cajeput and habanero in our skin-healthy salves that soothe aching muscles, blistered feet and windburned cheeks. Wherever your adventures may take you, a little bit of Spinster Sisters Co. fine skincare and the scent of Pine and Sagebrush will transport you to the evergreen blanketed slopes of the Rockies.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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